What We Do

OBAC is an innovative, member-driven, results-oriented association that works with commercial drivers to promote a culture of safety, professionalism, integrity, fairness, and respect.

OBAC pursues these goals through active participation in industry and government working groups and studies, and by keeping its members informed about what’s going on in the industry.

Safe, Sustainable, and Profitable

  • OBAC works to improve its members’ understanding of and compliance with regulations and safe operating practices.
  • OBAC promotes a business model for owner-operators that encourages a safe, profitable, and environmentally responsible operation.

United for Success

  • OBAC brings the unified voice of professional drivers to the table with policy makers and regulators, the enforcement community, and carriers.
  • OBAC speaks out against unfair and predatory business practices, bringing those practices to the attention of the membership and the industry at large

Education and Advocacy

  • OBAC strives to bust negative stereotypes of truck drivers and to promote a better understanding of their issues with industry, government, and the public.
  • OBAC provides tools and resources for drivers and owner-operators to enhance safety and professionalism while improving profitability and competitiveness.

Research and Communication

  • OBAC conducts research and surveys to develop policies and positions consistent with members' views on a wide range of issues – road safety, regulation and compliance, highway infrastructure, education and training, taxation – to name a few.
  • OBAC is a source of accurate, timely, and practical information for and about owner-operators and professional drivers.

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